About us

The Company

We are a consultancy, project management, and systems integration firm specializing in the use of satellite, wireless and cable technology for mobile & fixed networks, particularly for VSAT, microwave applications, Optic fiber, providing solutions for individual, corporate and government networks via the use of VSAT networks, as well as broadcast for television, radio, and the web.

Based in Uganda, and operating internationally, Icon Group offers mobile & fixed telecommunications technology solutions to companies and organizations anywhere in the world.

Where there is a need for specialist communications, Icon Group can provide a single point of expertise for those who wish to exploit mobile satellite, microwave, and wireless technology – VSAT, or terrestrial microwave links – to develop their business.

We offer a range of services -project management & systems integration, consultancy, training,
The key word which describes our ethos is flexibility, applying to all aspects of our work, and the ability to think unconventionally to achieve solutions to meet your requirement.

From our background in Satellite dish Installations, ISP, GSM and Earth Station communications, we are able to make lateral jumps in developing and using technologies from different mobile communications markets to offer solutions that are cost-effective and fit-for-purpose.

In particular, we have the know-how to move data, video, and audio, from any location – even remote and difficult ones – to wherever you want in the world.

To find out more about what we can offer, look at our Services index.
If you don’t find quite what you’re looking for there, yet you think we might be able to help you in a satellite or wireless application, then please do not hesitate to contact us … (after all, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know!)

In particular please note that we operate on an ethical basis, and provide a loyal and confidential service to all our clients. We can provide a client list on request to bona-fide enquirers – as discretion is one of our core values; we cannot put this list into the public domain.

About US

  • Icon Group Limited is a Systems Integrator providing solutions to needs in several spheres of business and personal life all over Africa.
  • Icon Group plans, designs and implements solutions for
    small, medium sized and large businesses by .
  • With a varied clientele, we are able to provide practical solutions at competitive costs, no matter the location.
  • Icon Group’s strategic relationships with several suppliers and manufacturers gives us the ability to put together solutions that fit all requirements.
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Core Competencies

  • Communication Services
    We are a leading Telecommunications Contractor with complete and innovative end to end services. Off the shelf and also Tailored to suit client demands and site conditions. Optic Fiber, Satellite Systems, Wireless Systems, Solar Systems for Domestic, Public, and business, Traffic Safety Monitoring and Security Systems.
  • Engineering Solutions and Services.
    Extensive experience in Site Surveys, System design and Specification, Quality Audits and Inspections, Technical Documentation, gives us an edge in providing innovative and cost effective solutions
  • Installation Services
    Highly motivated and qualified installation teams are used to deploying in any location and producing quality installations to tight deadlines.
  • Maintenance & Service across Africa
    With strategic presences throughout Africa, we can dispatch experienced technicians to put out any technical fire. In addition to this presence on the ground our partner centers in Korea, Singapore and Uganda are well staffed to support
    any immediate problems.