Audio Cabling

Audio Cabling

by admin |July 5, 2017

Icon Group addresses every aspect of audio-visual communication and systems integration, from the purchase and installation of AV equipment and associated cabling, to the implementation of network connectivity and programming.

  • Paging & Background Music Systems – Paging systems provide a quick and easy way to locate or access personnel in a building regardless of its size. Amplifiers located in a wiring closet are accessed through the building phone system and provide speech output to speakers on a zone basis. Zones can be established within a building based on departments or other logical areas of a building. Speakers can be volume controlled on a group or individual basis. The primary benefit of a paging system is the rapid communication of important information to personnel. The same systems can supply background music for customers and employees.
  • Nurse Patient Communication Systems – Nurse-patient call systems and communications systems that are dependable and cost effective for hospitals and extended care facilities.
  • Intercommunication Systems – Intercom systems are common for K-12 schools, offices, and warehouse environments. They can be used for daily announcements, audio programming, and emergency broadcasting. Call-in buttons are often used in a security system to authorize entry through secure entrances and gates.
  • Emergency Audio Evacuation Systems – Employee safety in the work place is becoming increasingly more important each year. Local municipalities have adopted national electrical, fire, and life safety codes that impose safety standards. Audio systems that comply with these stringent codes are used for primary notification of personnel during an emergency evacuation.
  • Professional Audio Systems – Professional sound systems, including the design and installation of amplification and sound reinforcement systems for bars, theaters, auditoriums, schools and stadiums.

Icon Group provides a complete solution.

We can work with your architect / engineer to design a complete audio solution for your facilities. To further discuss your project requirements, call us at +256 312 104719 or email us at

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