Telephone Cabling

Telephone Cabling

by admin |July 5, 2017

Your telephone system is your connection to the outside world.

Your telephone system is the focal point of all businesses, creating a first and lasting impression on callers. Your facility’s ability to process calls and information quickly, accurately and with confidence is vital to your overall success. You can now leverage your data network infrastructure to deliver your telephone services. By upgrading your current phone lines to Cat 5 or Cat 6 you get all the features of voice over IP.

Voice Over IP

Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems use the existing local area network cabling infrastructure and electronics to deliver voice traffic in place of a conventional phone system. VoIP phone systems are not dependent on network servers and deliver voice services through independently generated IP packets that are sent over your network and are treated by the network electronics like any other traffic. These systems are feature rich and greatly reduce the cabling and maintenance burden for administrators. VoIP is often referred to as network or LAN telephony.

VoIP systems consist of a processor chassis which is usually about the size of a small laser jet printer, handsets which look and operate like conventional business telephones, and the network electronics which include devices like hubs and switches.

The processor connects to the public telephone system lines via standard cross-connect hardware and to your network using standard Ethernet ports. The handsets connect to any hub or switch ports in your Ethernet network.

Key advantages of VoIP systems:

  • Voicemail, call accounting, and web-enabled administration means easy, feature-rich phone service
  • Works with as few as 3 phones, and as many as hundreds. This means that you can scale the system to your exact needs.
  • FAX services, E-Mail, Music/Promotions on Hold, Text to Speech and Speech Recognition are just some of the capabilities offered. Match the system to your needs.
  • May be integrated with popular software like MS Outlook and ACT! Database providing greater productivity.

You can further leverage the advantages by connecting voice through your other communication facilities. You can treat voice data like other traffic on your data network and send phone calls over the internet. Large companies can use frame relay to save costs.

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